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Cahsew Shell Cake

Cashewnut shell cake is one of the best fuels. It is mainly used by cashew industries, tile manufacturing units and others. Empowered with robust infrastructural base and qualified team, We bring forth an ample assortment of high quality cashew nut shell cake. We are well reckoned as one of the supreme De-Oiled cashew shell cake importers and exporters in the national and international market. Crushed cashew nut shell cake provided by us is highly acclaimed for quality and performance. Our cashew nut shell cake is the perfect blend of long lasting shelf life with efficiency. We deliver crushed cashew nut shell cake within the stipulated time frame at a very reasonable price.


Gross Calorific Value 5056 Koal / Kg
Proximate Analysis (% Weight)
Moisture 8.85
Volatile matter 68.03
Ash 2.00
Fixed Carbon 21.12
Ultimate Analysis
Carbon 46.08
Hydrogen 3.88
Nitrogen 0.21
Sulphur NIL
Mositure 8.85
Ash 2.00
Oxygen 38.98
Bulk density 0.4430g/cc
Ash Chemical Composition (% by Weight)
Silca (SiO2) 61.83
Iron Oxide (as Fe2O3) 3.99
Aluminium Oxide 1.99
Calcium Oxide (as CaO) 25.64
Magnesium Oxide ( as MgO) 1.88
Sodium Oxide (as Na2O) 0.65
Potassium (as P2O5) Traces
Sulphate ( as P2O5 ) Traces
Phosphate ( as P2O5) Traces
Ash Fusion Characteristics
Intial defoamation temperature (T1) 840
Herrisphericla temperature (T2) 920
Fusion temparature (T3) 1010